Faculty & Staff

Board of Directors

Karen Rende, Chairperson -

Irene Cullen, RCSJ

Christina Dalton

Gini Dold

Leah Ledesma

Christina Lowenstein

Judith Mahnke

Molly McDermott

Cori McKenzie

Advisory Committee Members

Laura Doan

Allie Etchebehere, Esq.

Patrick Etchebehere, Esq.

Virginie Jabbour

Shyrl McCormick


Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Board

Dan Maass, Co-President

Julia Winterson, VP of Volunteers and Programs

Michelle Shah, VP of Volunteers and Programs

Claire O’Hara, VP of Fundraising

Lucy Ricca, VP of Fundraising

Pranita Ballback, Communications

Ryan Monaghan, Parliamentarian

Loren Simon, Treasurer

If you have any questions or feedback for our PTO board, please email them at:


Athletic Board

Taiga Peden, Baseball Commissioner

Andrew Luey, Volleyball Commissioner