Academic Program of Study

The Notre Dame Elementary academic program is organized in two different divisions: the Lower School (grades K – 5) and the Upper School (grades 6 – 8). Our overall academic philosophy is grounded in the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community, which provide us with a purpose, a framework and an ultimate goal for educating our students. The curriculum program in each school division is specifically designed and tailored to meet the developmental appropriateness of each group. The faculty members in each school division have collaboratively designed, planned and written curriculum to ensure a continuous and effective program for students across grade levels.

Our Philosophy

Notre Dame Elementary School is committed to providing a strong academic foundation for its students by using a comprehensive approach to educate the whole child. The components of the core curriculum (language arts, math, science, social studies and religion) overlap and align across grade levels. This provides students with the fundamental content and skills necessary to be successful in a consistent learning environment.

While the San Francisco Archdiocesan and California State Standards guide the content of our program, teachers implement the curriculum using a variety of methods and strategies. Teachers use their specific strengths and backgrounds to deliver instruction to meet the individual needs of students. The daily lessons and activities are designed and articulated by teachers to allow for a differentiated learning process that respects the needs of each student. Therefore, students are engaged in an active learning process where they are encouraged to discover and explore the curriculum.

A well-defined and articulated curriculum program outlines an overview of the specific learning content and skills across grade levels. The objectives presented for each subject are addressed and practiced throughout the entire year. Students’ progress is regularly assessed through both formal and informal evaluation opportunities. Students should meet or exceed these objectives by the end of their current school year.

Our Curriculum Program

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